Econo20System.JPGWhat is an Implement Cam, and what can it do for you?

An implement Cam comes with a 7” screen either in a wireless or a wired camera. The wired camera system includes a 7” monitor, main harness with 4 camera inputs and a video output signal as well, 2 power cables one is a cigarette lighter plug and a 2 wire fused cable, 1 X 5M camera cable that provides the power to operate the camera as well as the video and audio feed from the camera, this cable is used to get the connection to the outside of your tractor, as well as 2 x 10 M cables that are the same as the 5 M but longer (all the extension cables are weatherproof for your environment). The camera system comes with a 1 year warranty against defects which protects you from seeding to harvest and beyond.  


An Implement Cam, either wired or wireless of up to 7 cameras (using both wired and wireless cameras), are weatherproof and extremely quick to move from application to application using our magnetic mount bases. This a simple tool that many farmers are finding to be one of the least expensive and most versatile tools on their Farm. One of the biggest uses that farmers are using this system for is to check there Canola seed in their air-seeder tank so they are not running out of seed and to keep a closer eye on the level. There are 101 other uses for it, from watching your chain driven pumps to make sure the chain does not come off to watching chaff coming out the combine, to monitoring seed chute in your drill to make sure there is none plugged. Basically where ever you want a set of eyes to monitor your equipment to keep it running in the field instead of down time reseeding and applying fertilizer or missing high yield crops because some thing went wrong and you did not know it. Now you can run a lot more efficiently and more profitable with a lot less stress, as you know what is happening on your equipment all the time.

Each and every one of our customers would surely tell you that they would not be without one, now that they have had it on their equipment. They actually tell their neighbors that this is an inexpensive way to increase their profitability and decrease the time in the field. Our customers come up with ideas all the time on where to use the Implement cam for the oncoming seasons. We have had suggestions for use on the balers, the swing augers the hoppers on the combine, the potato harvesters, on the extremely long grain augers to line them up to the bin holes, and on the back of tow between sprayers to watch the hidden jets. I am sure you get the idea as to where ever you would like to see one of our cameras, as they are designed to take the abuse of your environment rain or shine.

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