Magnum Coulter Harrow

The primary uses of the Gates Magnum Coulter Harrow are for heavy residue management, fertilizer incorporation and  seedbed preparation.  With the Gates Magnum Coulter Harrow, you can run at high speed (8-12 mph) covering large areas in less time. At widths of between 28’ -84’ the coulter harrow is the largest vertical tillage on the market. It is more than a harrow and less than a high speed disc. It allows you to size and spread residue in a single pass.  The combination of the  heavy 20″ diameter notched boron coulter blades, with a heavy tubing frame (10″ x 10″ x 1/4″wall HSS) provide excellent penetration with the coulters and the hydraulic controlled angle adjustment on the 5/8” x 30” tines make the Gates Coulter Harrow an ideal machine for all types of farming practices.

Standard with

  • 20″ Coulter blades, set on a 7 degree angle, spaced 12” apart
  • On-the-go hydraulic tine adjustment
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for coulters
  • Rubber torsion mounted coulter arms provide excellent flotation over rocks and obstacles
  • Standard with 4 bar harrow


  • Add chrome wear tips to harrow tines
  • Add Flat bar rolling baskets
  • Go to a  5 bar arrangement on the harrows
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