Independent 2100

 The I-2100 uses the Coil-Tech Coulter II—a heavier coil spring—to carry larger five- bolt hubs and 22-inch blades, increasing Coil-Tech's jackhammer effect and allowing the coil spring to penetrate into tougher ground conditions. The I-2100 employs the heavy frame design used for the rubber suspension Independent Series machines for increased weight per blade and to manage the additional vibration created by this second generation Coil-Tech. True to the Independent series design, this machine is able to cover an acre per hour, per foot. In other words, a 41-foot machine will cover 41 acres per hour. The I-2100 has been engineered for compatibility with I-Series seeding and fertilizer attachments to allow producers to combine field operations, saving fuel and man hours.

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Independent 2200

The I-2200 combines the Coil-Tech Coulter II 1 5/8" Independent blade mounting system of the I-2100 with the five-inch spacing of the I-1200. This combination allows for excellent seedbed preparation, thorough residue sizing, effective mechanical weed control, 60 percent more spring down pressure (versus the Coil- Tech I), and deeper penetration into tough ground conditions via 22-inch blades and increased jackhammer effect (versus 20-inch blades on Coil-Tech I).

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Independent 4100

The I-4100 is the most aggressive machine in the Salford Independent Series. This machine combines two rows of shallow concave disc blades followed by two rows of coulters on the same frame. Blades are spaced seven-and-a-half inches apart. The front two rows of concave blades are spaced 15 inches apart, and the coulters split that spacing to reduce density between the disc blades. The I-4100 performs best as a fall residue management machine and for incorporating heavy product. The additional tillage action of the disc blades mixes more soil with residue to further accelerate decomposition. For seedbed preparation, the I-4100 does its best work with two passes at slightly opposite angles to ensure the surface is fully prepared. The Independent Series tools comfortably apply ammonia at eight miles per hour, often with the anhydrous meter being the limiting factor.

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Mechanical Fertilizer Spreader / Lime Spreader

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