Central Alberta Precision Seeding is your authorized Seed Master dealer for Central Alberta.

Choose from a variety of on-board or tow-behind tank systems, drill widths, and row spacing option.  Our on-board seed tanks feature Individual Row Metering for unbeatable accuracy, gentle seed handling, exceptional emergence and lower seeding rates.  Individual Row Metering complements the precision of SeedMaster's terrain-following openers and maximizes yields - whether you're planting oilseeds, cereals, pulses, or corn.

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Patented Terrain Following Opener

All Seed Master drills come with active hydraulic openers, ensuring that even on uneven or rocky terrain a consistent seeding result is achieved. Each individual opener places every seed at exactly the same depth across the field - for vigorous, uniform emergence, optimal yields and a crop that ripens all at once.

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UltraPro Canola Meter

More uniform spacing and dramatic seed savings

Seed Master has developed new seed metering technology that spaces expensive canola seeds more evenly down the row than ever before - allowing producers to significantly drop seeding rates while still achieving maximum yields.

With the new Ultrapro Canola Meter, farmers can successfully seed canola at 2-to-3 lbs per acre compared to the 5 or 6 lbs/acre typical with bulk metering services, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars.


Overlap Control Technology

This technology eliminates overlap - a costly problem resulting in field sections with double seed and fertilizer. This fully automated process stops the flow of seed and fertilizer as soon as it detects disturbed soil. Custom software is used to map the layout and characteristics of the field that is seeded.


Compact-In-Transport Drill

Seed Master offers a new drill that folds up to make transport on narrow roads and bridges possible. A 70-foot wide drill transforms into a drill that is only 18 feet for transport!




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